Rooms and Facilities


Lively Lambs Room


The Lively Lambs room has been specially designed to cater for children from 0 months to 2 years of age and contains a separate milk kitchen, air conditioned sleep room, nappy changing wash room, child toilet, air conditioning and play area.


Bo-Peeps aim to make it as easy as possible for parents/carers to bring their babies to the nursery as the practitioner understands what busy lives families lead, so the nursery provides all food and snacks and have the facility to store children's own nappies and wipes.


Cots Cots1

Lambs 2 Snack Time


The nursery's full time cook will provide pureed or mashed food, when required, to support parents/carers when weaning their child. The child's key person will advise the cook of any dietary changes or requirements for individual children.


The staff are happy to assist with potty training when parents/carers feel that their child is ready and child sized toilets and potties are available in the lively lambs room at all times.


The planned activities and toys in this room are age and stage appropriate with individual children’s needs, interest and development in mind which all link to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.



Energetic Ewes


The Energetic Ewe’s room provides spacious surroundings for learning and a good atmosphere for the developing minds of the 2 – 3 year olds. The staff encourages children to explore their own personalities through supervised planned activities and a well planned free play area which link to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.


Ewes 1Ewes 3
Ewes 4


Bo-Peeps have a vast selection of toys to assist in the children's learning, a creative area with washing facilities, low level toilets, basins and an accessible toilet with nappy changing facilities. The kitchen area is situated nearby so arranged cooking activities for the children are easily achieved and are much fun for the staff and children.

There is a designated book area within the Energetic Ewes room where the children can sit and choose books to look at. The children have access to IT equipment to help develop these skills.



Roaming Rams Room


The Roaming Ram’s room caters for children age 3 to 4 yrs old and our trained staff base the children’s environment and activities around the Early Years Foundation stage.


We encourage the children through play helping them to learn basic skills to further their development, which are:



Ram 1 Rams 2 Rams 3


Bo-Peeps have a wide selection of toys to interest the children and so aid their learning and also a creative area with wash. The nursery has low level toilets and wash basins, a designated book area with a wide variety of books and magazines, a role play area and computer area for the children to use and not forgetting our pet hamster and goldfish.



Sensory Room


Bo-Peeps have a designated sensory room within the nursery which is located within the Roaming Ram's room. The room is made accessible to all children and aims to enhance children’s senses through:



The sensory room consists of a mirror ball, coloured projector, a bubble tube and boxes filled with objects to stimulate the children’s senses.


Sense 1 sense 2 Sense 3



Garden Area


Bo-Peeps have an outside play area for the children which consists of a climbing frame, slides, home corner, planting area, sandpit, mud kitchen, writing area and bikes to ride on. We allow children to take toys outside to play with and they go out in all weather. The nursery have a designated woodland area assigned by the Forestry Commission which is used frequently and the staff also take the children to the duck pond to feed the ducks.


Play 1 Wood 1
Wood 2 Wood 3