Quality Childcare

Bo-Peeps Nursery is open Monday - Friday 7:00am - 6:00pm, all year round only closing for one week over Christmas and on bank holidays.

Bo-Peeps aim is to provide parents/carers with high quality childcare in a safe and secure environment with practitioners who they trust to care for their children. Content children enable parents/carers to fulfil their daily tasks, reassured in the knowledge that they are happy and learning whilst they play.


Every child at Bo-Peeps nursery is respected as an individual along with being part of the whole group. This gives them the opportunity to grow into independent thinkers and also be able to link with others as part of a team.

Rooms & Facilities

The nursery consists of 4 age-group rooms, a sensory room and garden area. Each room has been carefully designed to enhance the children's development, learning and exploration. 


Food for Thought

Bo-Peeps practitioners understand and have been trained in the importance of the correct food to aid in your child’s development and growth. With that in mind, Bo-Peeps have strict standards that are adhered to at all times.


The cook has received a 5 star food hygiene rating from 2010-2020 for Bo-Peeps kitchen. The carefully prepared menus are displayed in the lobby and kitchen for parents/carers to see. The food is freshly prepared on site by the cook daily using the highest quality ingredients. Through this planning and by consulting with the staff and children regarding the menus, Bo-Peeps can guarantee the children will feel satisfied and enjoy all the food that they are served. This will increase their concentration levels and therefore help them to learn.


If any child has any special dietary requirements then management should be informed so they can accommodate their needs. Bo-Peeps need to be made aware of allergies prior to children starting nursery to ensure the safety of that child whilst in the setting.

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The room has been specially designed to cater for our babies. You will find a milk kitchen, sleep room, nappy changing wash room, child toilet, air conditioning and play area.

Lively Lambs

Babies: 0-2 Years


The staff encourages children to explore their own personalities through supervised planned activities and a well planned free play area.

Energetic Ewes

Toddlers: 2-3 Years

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The Preschool A room caters for children aged 3-4. Bo-Peeps staff adapt the environment and activities around the EYFS and every child’s individual needs.

Roaming Rams 
Pre-school: 3-4 Years


The Pre-school B room cater for children aged 3-4 years old and Bo-Peeps trained staff base the children’s environment and activities around the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the seven areas of learning.

Rising 3s
Pre-school: 3-4 Years

Additional Information

Bo-Peeps Day Nursery will provide all of the children’s meals whilst they are at the setting. This could include breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner depending on the hours the child attends. Meals are included in the nursery fees as stated in the contract (exclusions apply) a charge will be made depending on hours attending.


There may be a charge for children who wish to have meals who only attend for part sessions. Fees and charges have an annual increase in September and price lists are available separately. Children who claim the free government funded hours have a voluntary additional meal charge for lunch or can choose to take their child from the setting to give them lunch. Bo-Peeps offer nutritionally balanced lunches and take into consideration allergies and dietary requirements. This gives parents/carers the benefit of not having to provide a packed lunch for their child.

Meet The Team

The staff are all working towards or have obtained a level 3 or equivalent qualification. Management hold EYP and EHT status and a BA Degree. All staff are kept up to date with relevant training which includes first aid, child protection and food hygiene.

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Alice Thompson.jpg

Alice | Apprentice Nursery Practitioner | Apprentice NVQ Level 2

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Chloe Kibble.jpg

Chloe | Nursery Practitioner | CACHE Level 2 & 3

amber 1.jpg

Amber | Nursery Practitioner | CACHE Level 2 & Apprentice NVQ Level 3

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clare 2.JPG

Clare | Office Manager | Office Staff

ziggy 1.jpg
Ziggy 2.jpg

Ziggy | Nursery Practitioner | CACHE Level 2 | CACHE Level 3


Connie | Apprentice Nursery Practitioner | Apprentice NVQ Level 2

First Days

Bo-Peeps staff realise how difficult it is for the children in the early days at a new nursery and so the staff aim to make the process as easy for them as possible. The setting does not recommend that children bring in their own toys from home as it can be upsetting if the toy cannot be found at home time but understand the need for comforters especially when settling in.


Each child has a key person who is responsible for their day to day care and will be in direct contact with the parents/carers. They will ensure that the child’s needs are being met at all times and will work with the parents/carers to ensure continuity of care whilst following the settings policies to maintain the highest quality of childcare. Staff work closely with parents/carers to make sure they are happy with the arrangements which makes the transition from home to nursery less upsetting for families.


Planning & Guidelines

Bo-Peeps are guided by Ofsted and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. Through these guidelines, the nursery staff can ensure continuity of care and learning throughout the whole nursery and plan for the children’s needs with the aid of the Tapestry learning journal system.

Please view the new EYFS Reforms below:

The Prime Areas of development:

The specific areas of development are:

The characteristics of effective learning are:

Communication and language 

Physical development

Personal, social and emotional development



Expressive arts and design

Active learning

Creating and thinking critically

Playing and exploring

Understanding the world


My little girl loves it. She is happy for me to leave her there and is always happy when i pick her up. Puts my mind at ease and i trust them with my little love.

Parent 2018