Parent Partnership

Staying connected with parents and carers of our children is important to our quality day nursery in Cinderford. You can find all the relevant information and keep up-to-date with the latest news on our parent page. 


Fees & Funding

The setting accepts 15 and 30 hour funding and most voucher schemes assuring flexibility for your child to attend contracted hours of your choice (funding hours are 9am till 3pm daily with wrap around care available). To find out more information, please get in touch with us today. 


What Your Child Will Need

Nappies and wet wipes - These can be stored at Nursery or kept daily in your child’s bag

Spare clothes and spare underwear (if your child is potty training or is potty trained)

Nappy cream

Sun cream at least of factor 30 and a sun hat

A coat and wellies

Drink bottle

Any medication

Dummy / comforter

Milk bottles

Please make sure the above are all labelled with your child’s name.


What Ofsted Say

Staff are good role models for children because they talk to each other, children and parents respectfully. Children behave well as they learn the nursery's rules about behaviour, which are positively reinforced by staff.

Ofsted 2019 Report


You can keep up-to-date with the settings latest news and events through Bo-Peeps newsletter and social media pages.

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What experience/qualifications do your staff have?

The director holds a BA degree in Early Years and has Early Years Professional status and the manager has a level 3 qualification with 10+ years’ experience. All other staff working with the children hold a full and relevant level 3 with the exception of the apprentices who are always supervised. All staff have a paediatric first aid certificate, level 2 in food handling and complete child protection courses. The staff regular undertake CPD which may include workshops and online training.

How do you ensure safe recruitment of staff?

Bo-Peeps have effective systems in place to check the suitability of those who have regular contact with children. A member of staff has completed the safer recruitment course. Management obtains disclosing and barring service check for all staff along with 2 references.

Do you offer funded 2-, 3- and 4-year-old places?

Bo-Peeps have spaces for funded children in the toddler and pre-school rooms including the 15 hour additional funding for 3-4 year olds. The 2 year funding, 15 hours 3-4 year funding and 30 hour funding can be used in the setting.

What are the ratios of staff to children?

· Under 2 the ratios are 1:3 · 2 year olds 1:4 · 3 and over 1:8 although Bo-Peeps prefer to work 1:6

Will my child have a key person, and how many other children will they have?

Every child in the nursery has an allocated key person who will complete observations and assessments, plan their next steps and link with parents/carers. They will be responsible for the child’s daily care but will work closely with the team in the room to ensure the child is secure with all the staff. The amount of children each key person has will vary depending on the room and the amount of children registered.

How do you ensure the safety of the children in your care?

Bo-Peeps staff record all accidents and incidents and evaluate them regularly. All activities and equipment are risk assessed along with trips outside the nursery and areas of the nursery, inside and out. Children with allergies or medical requirements will have their own health care plan which will be regularly updated by the parents/carers and staff to ensure the child gets the correct care whilst at nursery.

What activities do you provide?

Bo-Peeps provide a range of activities planned around the children’s individual needs. For example if a child likes toy cars and the activity is sensory, the staff may use shaving foam in a tray along with the cars to encourage the child to participate. There are lots of outside activities to explore as well as painting, sand, water to name but a few.

How do you support children's learning and development?

Bo-Peeps follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and provide activities that are based on the children’s interests and that help them to progress in their development.

How do you keep parents informed of their child's progress?

Nursery staff will carry out observations on children to help to ensure each child is making progress and also identify any area of need. Bo-Peeps use the online learning journal, Tapestry, to communicate with parents/carers as well as sharing observations from nursery and home.

What types of meals and snacks do you provide?

The kitchen is open 8am - 4.30pm and provide home cooked meals and snacks for the children. A menu is uploaded to Tapestry every week for the parents/carers to see and provides information on any allergens contained in the food provided, a sample menu can be seen on the website. The staff work closely with parents/carers to meet the dietary requirements of the children.

How do you manage children's behaviour?

Bo-Peeps have a behaviour policy and use positive methods such as distraction and positive reinforcement.

What are the age ranges in each room?

Lively lambs - 0-2 years Energetic ewes - 2 - 3 years Roaming Rams A and B - 3 - 4 years Ewe and Me club - 4-11 years

When are nursery fees due and how do I pay them?

Fees are invoiced in advance on the 20th of the month, the payment is to be made by bank transfer to ‘M. Bevan Ltd’ by the 7th of every month. Cheque & cash payments will incur a 1.5% charge. A surcharge of £10 will be made for any payments not received by the set day.

What should I do if my child cannot attend due to illness or holidays?

If there are any absences, due to the child being ill or missing sessions, then the full contracted fee is still payable. Likewise, if a child is on holiday the full contracted fee is payable unless there are holidays due and parents/carers have given a months’ written notice of these.