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Energetic Ewes

Toddlers: 2 - 3 Years

The Energetic Ewes room provides spacious surroundings for learning and a good atmosphere for the developing minds of the 2-3 year olds through supervised planned activities along with child led play. The children have planned activities to extend and support their development and the toys in the Energetic Ewes room are to encourage children in the learning process through independent play.


Staff encourage children to use imaginary play with a variety of dressing up outfits and role play aids. There are also seasonal activities such as Christmas and festival scenes for them to play in and become part of.


The toddlers have access to a cushioned book area, wet/creative area, role-play area and an open play area all fully air conditioned. The toilet facilities are accessible to the children with child size basins and toilets. There is an accessible toilet for wheelchair access and a nappy changing room available for use for the toddlers. The wet/creative area is specially designed for messy play and becomes an eating area at meal times. Low-level basins are provided to encourage good personal hygiene and enable the children to be independent when painting and taking part in any other messy activities.

The EYFS three prime areas of development are focused on with the Energetic Ewes:

Communication & Language
Physical development
Personal, social and emotional development
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Whos In The Room
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Ria | Team Leader

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Chloe | Nursery

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Sophie | Nursery Practitioner

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